How to Choose the Right Lights for Your Home

Lighting is everything.  Your choice of lights for your home matters. These choices can transform a room and your home into one you and your family enjoy.

Some positive choices for your lighting design include:

1. Create a point of interest within each room.  This could be a dining room table and a chandelier.  Also, rooms with tall ceilings do well with chandeliers.  These can give an overall warm light to the entire room.

2. Layer Your Light Layering your light helps create a pleasing atmosphere.  This can be done using ambient,
task, and accent lighting.  With all three you can create a nice glow to the room.

3. Using a Dimmer.  Installing dimmers on your lights is a great way to create the ambiance you are looking for.

4. Valence Light.  The use of valence lighting in your home will provide an even light.  This can be done very easily with fluorescents and dimmers.

5. Table Lamps Finishing off a corner of a room with some task lighting is always good.  Your task lighting can be accomplished with a table lamp.

Again it’s important to think of your point of interest, then use the three rules: ambient, task, and accent lighting.  Spark Masters can help you with all three, schedule a quote today by calling 844-516-9123




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