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EV Chargers

EV Chargers installed in your home. Save money with your own charger.

Installing EV Chargers

Contact Sparkmasters to install the latest for EV Charging.  You’ve bought your vehicle now get it charged properly.


Get the right panel box needed for your home.

Panel Box Installed

With our modern appliances get the proper panel box your home needs. 


Ready to upgrade your lighting or appliances.

Upgrades to Your Home

Upgrades are part of home ownership. 


Customize your home with home lighting.

Home Lighting

Use Sparkmasters to customize your home.  Get the lighting you need and want for your home.


As your home ages you will need to rewire your home.

Rewired Home

Don’t delay get your home rewired today.  Sparmasters is your electrical solution.

Home Safety

Get the latest home security system installed.

Home Security

Sparkmasters will install your home security system, keeping your home safe and secure.

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